I'm Althea Åse, web-developer


I have been a passionate creator since childhood. Driven by curiosity and aesthetics, I have pushed myself to learn new techniques to be able to create new things and solve interesting problems. I have just switched careers to the IT/technology-industry after a pretty intense course in JavaScript and general frontend development.

I started my career in the clothing industry. I studied textile design and pattern making and later CAD pattern making for mass industry. The years went by and I ended up in an interesting job working with the more technical aspects of development of technical clothing.

In the beginning my focus were the fit and sizing of the garments and quality control of the textiles. This eventually brought me physically down our value chain, travelling to our suppliers and factories mostly in Asia, following our value chain from yarn to weaving, dyeing, membrane bonding, pattern making and the creation of the finished garment. This made me realize just how complex product development really is.

I also worked with problems related to corporate social responsibility and compliance mainly related to chemical use in the textile industry. I learned about the importance of a good dialogue with all parties, not just to ensure a good product in our end, but also to make sure that all the people in the value chain were well taken care of in the process.

It was a journey that really enhanced my ability of abstract analytical thinking – but I missed something important in my life. I missed to create things with my hands.

One day I got the opportunity to change my career in a new and exciting direction. I applied to a JavaScript-course and got accepted. We were 15 in my class – selected from over 2000 applicants. That was one of the best decisions of my life, because it led me to find a new way of creation. And I learned that nothing makes me happier than finding elegant solutions both in code and in user experience.

This is me